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Imagine riding the fastest car, wind is blowing, speed is high, sunny Italian landscapes change with rough and dangerous mountain hairpin turns. The tension is high, your prototype racing car may let you down in any minute. There’s only one faithful companion for you on this journey – and it’s the Willer watch!

Mille Miglia Series

Willer is a faithful companion for your wrist both in the first run and if you're a seasoned watch aficionado with unique retro racing-inspired design.

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Received the Black Parma today and I really like how the wheel moves, every second ;-)

Kun Kho


Received my watch yesterday and I haven't stopped looking at it! Love it. Well worth the wait. Many congratulations on creating a fabulous watch.

Roger Gibbens


This is simply THE most beautiful watch I’ve even owned. Thank you SO MUCH for such a well run Campaign and an impressive piece!!

Nancy C


Got my Willer yesterday. Have to say, I like it. The detail is nice and I like the overvall look and design of the face.

Paul Taylor


Received my Willer today in Belgium. Looks incredible, feels even better :)

Matteo Taroli


Willer was born in Italy, carrying the aesthetical legacy of the Italian vintage racing, impeccable chic and European watchmaking traditions. The Willer team aimed to create not simply a one more wristwatch, but a fresh timekeeping experience. 

Our team have assembled in early 2018 and started working on studying and testing vintage race vehicles, their dashboards and classic racing watches. We drove through picturesque landscapes of original Mille Miglia courses of the early 20th century, looking for inspiration for our first watch collection. Willer team wanted to keep a piece of an old fashioned Italian spirit of endurance racing in our wristwatches, searching for a local tannery to produce straps and naming all models after the most notable landmarks of the Mille Miglia race. 


Each of us in Willer is enchanted by the three bullet points of our design: vintage cars, classic races and the magic of a mechanical watch, of course. Such great Italian cities as Rome, Parma, Brescia and Rimini found their reflection in the design of the series, as well as elements of classic Italian cars, such as Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo.